Locus sofa with woman jumping with outstretched arms

The perfect fit feels so good

The heart of feeling good is knowing something is right for you. It looks right. It feels right.

Fitting the way you want to use your space, and aligning with your values, our custom designs make it easy to create a look that doesn’t just lift your mood, it stands the test of time.

Right for your tribe

Every piece we make is thoughtfully imagined to bring people together.  

Whether it’s for relaxing, snuggling, working, or playing - we make it easy to customise your space to fit around the people important to you.

Ethos Plus green modular sofa showing the moveable arm rest.

Fit for the planet

No-one wants to see furniture going to landfill. From our Sydney studio, we’re committed to designing furniture that goes the distance.

By sourcing durable, sustainable materials, taking an innovative approach to manufacture, and supporting end-of-life recycling, our custom products don’t just fit, they belong.

  • Furniture plays a key role in shaping the spaces within our homes. This forms the centre of E9’s design philosophy - creating flexible, comfortable and inherently usable pieces that suit the ways in which we really want to use them.

  • E9 Design’s furniture supports all moods, needs, and inclinations - whether it’s losing yourself in a book, curling up for a family night of Netflix, or sharing a cup of tea with friends. An intelligent sofa can balance all three, while looking the part too.

  • E9 Design embeds human-centred design and environmental responsibility into every step of our unique production process.  We are comitted to continual improvement as new technologies and products arise.

    We source durable and sustainable materials, and our digital approach means minimal material use and wastage.

    Our sofa frames are precision cut from Australian steel. They are so durable, that we offer a lifetime warranty on them. And of course, they are recyclable.

    The exclusive “Bounce” seating system provides unrivalled even support, and this is layered with quality 100% recyclable, high density and premium foams.

  • Ingeniously, different materials are never permanently fixed together. This means all components can be easily dismantled and sorted for recycling. And we’ll accept your sofa at end of life – but we don’t expect you to be doing this anytime soon.

    We provide replacement components, legs and covers to ensure you can have furniture for life.

    Our system also enables speed. We can swiftly produce pieces customised to your exact specifications.

    For trade and bespoke customers, we can even provide 3D models for your reference.

    Crafted right here in Sydney, your new furniture is just around the corner.

  • Setting of Locus modular sofa showing a left end and a right chaise in burnt orange

    97% Recyclable

    Approximately 97% of the materials we use to make our furniture are totally recyclable or biodegradable.

    If your sofa has reached the end of its life with you, we will accept it for recycling – so it can have another life.

  • Steel frame

    E9 Design products are built to last. Our sofa bases are made from precision-cut galvanised steel made in an Australian ResponsibleSteelTM plant. They come with a lifetime warranty. Plus, they're 100% recyclable.

  • Replaceable components

    Easily update your look or repair your sofa after one of life’s little accidents - usually a sign of a life well lived!

    Our zip-on covers, sofa legs and other components are available individually. 

  • Woman's hand on curve of the Eclipse modular sofa

    Designed and made in Australia

    We design and build all our furniture in Australia. Our steel, foam and wool fabrics are also locally sourced, supporting the Australian economy and providing jobs on home soil. This helps minimise our carbon footprint from overseas shipping.

  • Global Green Tag certified foams

    Used on all our sofas, Joyce VPF foam is certified to Global Green Tag - Green Rate: Level A. VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) is the cleanest and greenest method of foam-making in the world.

  • Ethos Max blue sofa showing Ethos solid oak side table in between modules.

    Sustainably sourced timbers

    We source our timber through Australian suppliers who comply with endorsed sustainable systems via certification with organisations such as Responsible Wood,   PEFC and FSC.

  • Recycled post-consumer glass sand

    Used in all our moveable back and arm-rests, this unique and beautiful product from IQRenew is made from 100% recycled glass. Plus, it's safer than natural sand.

  • Recycled plastic components

    Plastic components made from post consumer products such as milk bottles and recovered ocean plastics are used on our fixed back rests.

  • Reducing material waste

    Our tech-driven design and manufacturing system minimises material wastage.

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