Feel like Fun

When it's family and friends fun-time, there is no better L-shaped sofa set than the Newman.

Soft and super comfortable, it's perfect for lounging, whilst maintaining a modern and elegant look. The 2 differently sized, versatile back rolls allow you to instantly reconfigure and re-orientate your setting. Change the sofa into a chaise and vice-versa.

And for those who like higher back support, there's an optional back cushion.

Newman sofa and lounge combinations come in 4 sizes which can be mixed and matched. Plus there are 2 stand alone sofas.

Back view of the Newman designer sofa and chaise with moveable back rolls
Newman designer sofa and chaise with chaise roll re-orientated to face other direction
Newman sofa and chaise with back rolls swapped in white boucle
  • Newman designer sofa showing the back roll arm rest, with back rest cushion and scatter cushion in white boucle

    Exceptional build quality

    Built to last with a steel frame, the 'bounce' seating system, the highest quality foam, and your choice of luxury fabrics.

  • The Newman designer sofa and chaise showing the back rolls swapped and re-arranged. Shown in white boucle

    Moveable back rolls

    Simply pick up and move the back rolls to lounge in a different way.

  • Newman designer chaise back roll with cushions in white boucle

    Removable covers

    Your covers can be unzipped and replaced when you want a brand new look.

  • The Newman chaise and sofa seen from the end of the chaise, shown in white boucle

    Responsibly made in Australia

    Made in Sydney from 97% recyclable, recycled and biodegradable materials.

  • Fabric swatches in white, creams, browns, green, blue and orange.


    Available in an extensive range of fabrics and colours. You can also customise size to create your perfect fit.

  • Left or right chaise

    Your chaise module works on either the right side or left. Easily rearrange your room.

  • Side view

  • Front view

  • Optional back cushion

  • Size specifications for the Newman 1800mm chaise and sofa set

    1800mm Chaise and Sofa

    Chaise from $4,173

    Sofa from $4,443

  • Size specifications for the 2000mm Newman chaise and sofa set

    2000mm Chaise and Sofa

    Chaise from $4,405

    Sofa from $4,690

  • Size specifications for the 2200mm Newman chaise and sofa L-shaped set

    2200mm Chaise and Sofa

    Chaise from $4.637

    Sofa from $4,937

  • Size specifications for the 2500mm Newman chaise and sofa set

    2500 Chaise and Sofa

    Chaise from $5,300

    Sofa from $5,600

  • Roll Sizes

  • Other Sizes

    3 metre Chaises and Sofas are also available.

    All Chaises and Sofas are also available in 1500 depth.

    Customised sizing is also available.

Chaise and sofa modules can be purchased individually and different sizes can be mixed and matched.

  • Size specifications for the 2500 Newman stand alone sofa

    2500mm Stand-alone Sofa

    From $5,600

  • Size specifications for the 3m Newman stand-alone sofa

    3000mm Stand-alone Sofa

    From $7,280

  • Other Sizes

    Stand alone sofas are also available in 2200mm length and in 1200mm seat depths.

    Custom sizing also available.

* Prices are 'from' and based on 'A' fabrics. Note: the fabric in the images above is an 'A' fabric.

1200mm deep stand alone sofas coming soon...

Material Specifications


Galvanised (rust-proof) steel - precision engineered and cut frame.

"Bounce" seating platform

Steel sprung and tuned suspension platform


Choose from an extensive range of fabrics and colours.


Includes Hygroflex high comfort foam with superior pressure redistribution; High Resilience (HR) and premium foams in seats and backs.

Green-tag certified and 100% recyclable.

Back roll

Recycled glass sand encased in a hemp satchel, wrapped in premium comfort GreenTag certified foams.


Your choice of solid timber (American Oak, Tasmanian Oak, Pine, Walnut stained pine) or steel legs.


Lifetime warranty on frame. See warranty for details.

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If the sizes don't fit your space perfectly, we may be able to customise.

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