Feel Creative

Create a unique sculptural, yet functional, element in your space with this suite of 5 geometrically shaped, playful lounge modules.

Designed with common sides, Hectare's modules can be arranged in a myriad of combinations to help bring your tribe together.

Choose from the angled boomerang (3-4 seater), the ‘wing’ (2-3 seater) - both available in right and left configurations - and the ‘diamond’ (1 seater or ottoman). Then add as many moveable 'Free-play' back-rests as you like. 

Have fun as you design your perfect conversation nook, lounge and chaise, or sprawling seating.

Hectare modular sofa showing the left wing as ottoman, boomerang and chair in white
Two Hectare left wing modules in burnt orange with right module back on the left hand side
Hectare 7 seater with ottoman, boomerang and left wing modules in white.

Two Hectare left wing modules in burnt orange with right hand module's moveable back on the right hand side
Hectare modular designer lounge in L-shape 6 to 8 seater, wing, boomerang and chair modules in white.
Hectare 5 - 7 seater showing the boomerang and wing modules in white
  • A side view of the Hectare sofa's moveable back in burnt orange

    Moveable back rests

    Turn seating into a chaise, or look at the view, just by picking up and moving the 'Free-play' back rest.

  • A hand unzipping the cover of a blue E9 Design moveable back rest

    Removeable covers

    You can remove your covers for cleaning, or replace them for a brand new look.

  • Hectare geometric sculptural modular sofa configured as a 6 to 8 seater shown in white.

    Made from 97% recyclable materials

    Sustainability is built into all our designs. Feel good about choosing responsibly.

  • Fabric swatches with reds and browns shown on a timber table

    Wide range of fabrics

    Choose what suits you from an extensive range of fabrics and colours.

  • Hectare wing module in white showing the left wing with moveable back and 2 cushions.

    Made in Australia

    Designed and built in Sydney, Australia. Save carbon miles and support the local economy.

  • Hectare wing module end in burnt orange, also showing moveable back

    Exceptional comfort and strength

    High resilience Green-tag certified foam layered on the 'Bounce' Seating System and a sturdy streel frame with a lifetime warranty.

  • Side view

  • Left wing (2-3 seater)

    From $4,418 n 'A' fabric

  • Size specifications for Hectare right wing module

    Right wing (2-3 seater)

    From $4,418 in 'A' fabric

  • Diagram of size specifications of Hectare left boomerang module

    Left boomerang (3-4 seater)

    From $7,168 in 'A' fabric

  • Right boomerang (3-4 seater)

    From $7,168 in 'A' fabric

  • Diamond (ottoman)

    From $2,118 in 'A' fabric

  • Diagram showing sizes of Hectare modular sofa's moveable backs

    'Free-play' moveable backs

    800mm from $592 in 'A' fabric

    1100mm from $615 in 'A' fabric

    1300mm from $724 in 'A' fabric

Material Specifications


Galvanised (rust-proof) steel, precision-engineered frame with lifetime warranty.

"Bounce" seating platform

Steel sprung and tuned suspension platform


Choose from an extensive range of fabrics and colours.


Hygroflex superior comfort foam, relieves pressure and dissipates heat; High Resilience (HR); and premium recyclable foams. 100% recyclable and Global GreenTag certified.


Your choice of solid timber (American Oak, Tasmanian Oak, Pine, Walnut
stained pine) or steel legs.


Lifetime warranty on frame. Please see the warranty for other details.

Ask a question, or request a quote

Explore the modules available, choose what suits your space, then contact us for a quote, to order, or to ask any questions.

If the sizes don't fit your space perfectly, we may be able to customise.

You can visit our Alexandria showroom, use the form below or call (02) 9000 5870.